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School Education | Sajha Sawal | Episode 439

Nepali News and Khabar Video Program – School Education | Sajha Sawal | Episode 439 | 17th April 2016 – Watch Online

‘Sajha Sawal’ (‘Common Questions’) is a weekly debate programme broadcast across Nepal on radio and TV. It provides dialogue between those in power and people who have been traditionally excluded, including rural communities and women.

‘Sajha Sawal’ was launched in October 2007. The Prime Minister at the time, GP Koirala, was the guest on the first programme. Never before had the Nepali public been able to ask questions of their leader in such a forum.

Now in its sixth year Sajha Sawal is broadcast every week and the programme continues to break new ground and features most of Nepal’s top political and cultural leaders, bureaucrats and industrialists. The programmes are recorded across the country to reflect ethnic, cultural and caste differences.

Sajha Sawal is aired nationwide on more than 250 community and commercial FM stations and on Kantipur TV. The programme goes on air every Sunday at 9 PM.