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Hakka Hakki-03 April 2016

Nepali Comedy TV Show – Hakka Hakki | 3rd April 2016 – Watch Online

Hakka Hakki is a comedy serial produced by Media Hub and broadcast from Nepal Television every Saturday. This Comedy episodes are directed by famous comedian Daman Rupakheti who have already directed Meri Bassai, Jire Khursani and Jhaikuti Jhai. The whole story of the episode moves around a village. Punte and Jite are two neighbors. Punte is played by Daman and Jite is played by Sujit Thapa. Daman and his wife Kabita has a everlasting guest at home. The story is about a lower middle class family that struggles to do everything. Jite and Punte are in competetion to show their neighbors anything they have. This episode is written by Daman Rupakhati and Shiva Sharma. This episode is produced by Ram Thapa and more artists includes Sujit Thapa, Raju Bhuju, Radha shrestha, Ram Thapa and more