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Lanka | 2012 | Full Nepali Movie

Nepali Movie – Lanka | 2012 | Full Nepali Movie | HD – Watch Online

Source 1: Youtube Video (Single Part-Full Movie)

Casts : Rekha Thapa, Kishor Khatiwoda, Nandu Shreevastav etc.
Producer : Om Prahash Agrawal
Co-producer : Mahima Shah
Director : Shyam Bhattarai

Story: Babubhai is the president of Tarai Democratic Party and has long reaching influence in the country. On this basis he has created a so-called Lanka of illegal activities. The police in-charge of the area, Deepak Pandey (Dhruba Koirala) also receives monthly payments from Babubhai. A new police officer in the police station, Satya, decides to fight against the illegal activities of Babubhai. A journalist named Bhaskar (Binod Pandey) also helps Satya in his fight against Babubhai. But, the police in-charge and Babubhai’s brother Nandubhai conspire against Satya and he is killed by a bullet.

After the death of Satya, his wife Saraswati Pandey also joins police force and the real war agains the illegal Lanka starts. Please watch the movie to know how Saraswati fights Babubhai and to know if she became successful in destroying the Babubhai’s Lanka.