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How to Make Fried Potato Balls?

Many people want to cook, but they do not know how to cook or how to start with? Cooking was never simple to some person. Some person do want to learn to cook, but other person knows how to cook. However, they do not want to cook. If you are interested on cooking Fried Potato Balls, below video will teach you in very simple steps. This video is for beginners to make this recipe at home.
Let’s get started:
First put potatoes in water and boil them until it gets soft, or check after 30 minutes, if they are cooked or not. You can check with knife or fork whether the potatoes are soft or not. Once it has been cooked finely drain the water and let it become cool.
Now peel the potatoes once it is cool down and chopped the potatoes in diced and put it on the bowl.
Add softened butter on it, pinch of salt and pepper for the taste.
Crush the potatoes and mix with a fork.
Add two egg yolks (yellow part only) and mix again.
Now cover the bowl with the lid and let it cool at least 2 hours in the refrigerator.
After that, take a teaspoon of potato dough and make a ball shape with your hands and cover with the floor. Once it got covered with the floor put it on the beaten egg, with a pinch of salt.
And put it on the breadcrumbs and give it a round shape using your hand. Use this process until you finish your potato mix.
Heat the oil for the deep fried. Once the oil has been heat up, start putting potato balls one by one.
When it becomes golden brown, remove from the oil and leave on towel paper before eating so that all the oil will be soaked by towel paper.

Ingredients for about 20 balls:
– 2 medium potatoes.
– 3.5 oz Softened Butter.
– 2 egg Yolks
– Flour, egg and breadcrumbs to bread them.
– Olive oil.

Watch below video for Step by Step instructions: