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Maun | 2013 | Full Nepali Movie

Nepali Movie – Maun | 2013 | Full Nepali Movie – Watch Online

Source 1: Youtube Video (Single Part-Full Movie)

‘Love is blind’. But, for Aman (Arpan Thapa) and Barsha (Namrata Shrestha), it is deaf as well as mute.

Maun is a story of love between Aman and Barsha who are hearing impaired. Aman, a guy with a dark
past, usually spends his days smoking. Barsha, a free-spirited girl who is very fond of her father wants
to achieve something in her life despite her inabilities. When Barsha’s beloved father returns from
America after many years, Aman’s past gets revealed and their love story ends up in twists and turns.

Arpan Thapa and Namrata Shrestha deliver excellent performance in their roles as deaf and mute.

Cast & Crew
Director: Suraj Bhusal
Cast: Arpan Thapa, Namrata Shrestha, Shekhar Chapagain, Basanta Bhatta, Rashmi Bhatta, Aruna Karki Pokhrel, Bijay Baral, Durga Baraili
Cinematography: Sanjay Lama
Story: Arpan Thapa
Screenplay: Arpan Thapa
Producer: Navin Gauli, Suraj Bhusal