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सेनाको सुचनाको रहस्यमय फर्जी फाईल टेवलमा, दुर्घटना पछि भागेका मन्त्री लाईभ ! | Episode 117

सेनाको सुचना रहेको रहस्यमय फर्जी फाईल हाम्रो टेवलमा । दुर्घटना पछि भागेका भनिएका मन्त्री लाईभ ! | Episode 117 – This program always give a interest to the viewer to watch it because it always try to show a different cases and helps many people who are in need. This is the 117 episodes of sidha kura janta sanga by Rabi Lamichhane. 9th September 2017. Let’s share this video and comment about it