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Teen Ghumti | 2016 | Full Nepali Movie

Nepali Full Movie “Teen Ghumti” was released on 2016, directed by Babu Ram Dhakal. This movie was produced by Rakesh Adukia, Pankaj Jalan and Babu Ram Dhakal. This movie was made based on 2010 novel of the same name “Teen Ghumti” which is written by former Prime Minister of Nepal, BP Koirala.

Indira, a young lady from the ethnic group of Newars, begins to look all starry eyed at Pritambar, who is a Brahmin. She weds him, resisting her parents.

Pritambar has solid ethics however does not have any feeling of sentiment. He is included with a gathering of progressives who are arranging challenges the absolutist run the show. This gathering consistently meets at Pritambar’s home and the individuals become acquainted with Indira.

At the point when the security powers get serious about the progressive development, Pritambar is detained. Another individual from the group, Roshan, goes to Indira’s guide. He begins living with her and soon experiences passionate feelings. Despite the fact that she rejects his advances in the first place, she in the long run gives in. Their unthinkable relationship prompts Indira’s pregnancy. With Pritambar due to be discharged, Indira is confronted with a quandary in her moderate society.

Based on B P Koirala’s Novel
Directed By : Babu Ram Dhakal
Starring : Garima Panta, Dhurba Dutta, Sushant Karki
Co-Producer : PankajJalan/BaburamDhakal
Executive Producer : Gopal Prasad Subedi Production Manager: Karan Singh
Art Direction : Gaheyndra Jimi Editing:Bipin Malla Creative: Aseem Gautam
Story/Dialogue : B.P. KoiralaCinematography:RameshworKarki
Screenplay : Samipya Raj Timalsena Lyricist: Dr. Krishna HariBaral
Music:Basanta Sapkota Sound Mixing:Sunayman Shrestha
Color : Manoranjan Shrestha Dance:Ramji Lamichhane
Make-Up : Saroj PandeyVFX:Kanchan Shahi/Anupam Shah( Bhavya Arts)
Produced By : Rakesh Adukia
World Sales : Mountain River Films